I got a letter saying I should be careful as I’m about to lose my domain name?! (but I bought it less than a year ago??)


Ah! Welcome to reality.

I’ve got many domain names and I always receive many emails (rarely snail mail letters) which tell me that either I’m about to lose my email or that someone else got my domain and they want to make sure that I know it’s going to be owned by someone else.

Now that you have your own Niche Website and your own Domain Name you’re also going to receive such emails. At least, people who are trying to sell you a website (I got many calls like that too!) are trying to get my business, but domain name scams aren’t a normal business. Those guys are thieves. Continue reading “I got a letter saying I should be careful as I’m about to lose my domain name?! (but I bought it less than a year ago??)”

Time Management For Success in Any Enterprise (including Niche Websites)

One of the main problem for a lot of people when they start a business is to do it as a commitment, especially because at first you don’t make any money at all. Building a business is actually often the opposite: it requires some capital. For example, to create an affiliate marketing system, you want to get a domain name and a website that you host somewhere such as BlueHost. Such costs are minimal at first for a simple affiliate website. Other types of business models may require a lot more capital (some can easily be in the millions.)

In other to achieve your goal of having a working Niche Website with affiliate links that get clicked is to make sure you will find the time to work on your website and do the right things. In our case, one of the most important parts is going to be to write the content. This takes quite a bit of time. On my end, I can get 100 ideas in a day, no problem there, however, writing each page with at least 2,000 words, can take me a good 8 hours if that’s not a subject I’ve already worked on before. This is because I’m going to do some serious research on the matter before working on it. Continue reading “Time Management For Success in Any Enterprise (including Niche Websites)”

How Do I Make Sure a Page Is Valid?

Me Pointing at You

Whenever I work on a website, I create new pages and then I want to test to make sure that those pages work.

First of all, I write my pages on a normal computer, not my smartphone where it would be excruciating. Typing on a tiny keyboard and getting half the words misspelled is not really much fun. I know I can also use the speaker and talk on my phone and that works somewhat, although many times I use a special word and it’s really hard for the system to get those right. Also, I use abbreviates such as SEO and that too the phone voice system does not generally get those correctly. Continue reading “How Do I Make Sure a Page Is Valid?”

SEO: Internal Links

What is an Internal Link?

When creating a Niche Website, with WordPress or another CMS, what you want is to help your user find various things on your site.

For example, my site here talks about getting an Internet Website Hosting Company. However, on that page, I warn my readers that when they are presented with the WordPress installation screens to actually make sure they choose their username wisely—there are other things to be careful about, but this one is a major problem, because the names “admin” and “administrator” are 100% compromised. Continue reading “SEO: Internal Links”

Choosing Your Hosting Company for Your Niche Website

Here I compare a couple of solutions to get WordPress and give you pointers on what to install on your site to make it secure from the start.

BEFORE YOU START: One important point, as you install a WordPress system: in older versions, the default username was set to “admin”. Make sure to not use that name. It makes it way easier later. I suggest you use something you can remember but not one of:

  • your name
  • “root”
  • “administrator”
  • your domain name (with or without the dot com)

See the WP Security » User Accounts instructions for why this is important. Continue reading “Choosing Your Hosting Company for Your Niche Website”

Creating Your Website: Installing WordPress

Here I talk about what you want to enter in your WordPress settings to make your website as secure as possible.

Most people when they tell you to create your own Nice Website explain how to install everything and get things going, but they rarely talk about security, even basic things as I talk about below. I have some more of that when I talk about the WP Security plugin.

Continue reading “Creating Your Website: Installing WordPress”

Google Search Console

Keyword Search Statistics for your Website

To get statistics on your websites, one of the tools I want you to use is the Google Search Console. This tool records the search keyword phrases that Google assigns to your website.

Say you write become internet affiliate in a google search, this very website is likely going to be one of the answers in Google. Only at first Google adds your data to its index but it does not really give your website as a possible good choice so your website will likely be on a far away page. A page where no one will even go. (Actually, if you ever try to go beyond the first page of a search, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but the results tend to be worst pretty quickly, that is, the results on those other pages are likely not going to be the answer to your query.)

Continue reading “Google Search Console”

Can I put Ads on my Niche Website?

This picture depicts Times Square at night with many of its billboards light.

The picture above shows Times Square (7th & 47th in New York City, Oct 16, 2009) with various large billboards showing ads, many ads. (Photo by Matt H. Wade)

Many people often ask themselves whether it is wise to put some ads on their Niche Website.

Ultimately, it’s going to be your call. However, I wanted to touch a few important points when it comes to adding some ads because in some cases it is detrimental.

Continue reading “Can I put Ads on my Niche Website?”

HTML and CSS, The Basics so You Become Dangerous

A screenshot of HTML code transformed to look like it was taken as a picture from my smartphone.

No, but why would I want to do that?! (although I like the part where I become dangerous!)

Although most interfaces now work as is, there is still quite often a need for small tweaks to your website HTML or CSS code. That is, if you are a perfectionist, you’ll probably want to learn how to do this. [monthly-page-views] — {monthly-page-views} Continue reading “HTML and CSS, The Basics so You Become Dangerous”