Creating Your Website: Finishing Up Your WordPress Website Setup

Or the minimum set of plugins to install on a brand new WordPress Niche Website

Now… you have a brand new WordPress website installed and you’re a bit overwhelm by all the features. Many buttons, menus, options to tweak, but how.

With version 2017, I think that most of the defaults are just fine and will work for you. I will talk about the few things that I think you want to change to make your website more user friendly as far as Niche Websites go. This includes having the blog on the front page, a contact page if you’d like to offer such (many Niche Websites don’t have a contact page. There is no one to contact, really, since all purchases are made on 3rd party websites.) Continue reading “Creating Your Website: Finishing Up Your WordPress Website Setup”

How did it all get started?


Let’s Submit Your Website to 10 Million Directories…

About 4 weeks ago, early this past Nov 2017, I received a call from a salesman who insisted I should get his product and if I weren’t going to that it would be lost because he’s going to find someone else very shortly who’s going to jump on it (i.e. the time pressure trick). He also dropped the price several times, added all sorts of things to the package… but one thing that definitely did not fall out of my cranium was the fact that he said: Continue reading “How did it all get started?”