Google Search Console

Keyword Search Statistics for your Website

To get statistics on your websites, one of the tools I want you to use is the Google Search Console. This tool records the search keyword phrases that Google assigns to your website.

Say you write become internet affiliate in a google search, this very website is likely going to be one of the answers in Google. Only at first Google adds your data to its index but it does not really give your website as a possible good choice so your website will likely be on a far away page. A page where no one will even go. (Actually, if you ever try to go beyond the first page of a search, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but the results tend to be worst pretty quickly, that is, the results on those other pages are likely not going to be the answer to your query.)

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Can I put Ads on my Niche Website?

This picture depicts Times Square at night with many of its billboards light.

The picture above shows Times Square (7th & 47th in New York City, Oct 16, 2009) with various large billboards showing ads, many ads. (Photo by Matt H. Wade)

Many people often ask themselves whether it is wise to put some ads on their Niche Website.

Ultimately, it’s going to be your call. However, I wanted to touch a few important points when it comes to adding some ads because in some cases it is detrimental.

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Your Niche Website Needs Long and Targeted Content

The Basics of Content Marketing

Once you have WordPress installed, you have a website ready to receive content.

The content of a Niche website needs to be steal targeted. What that actually means is that one website should not include hundreds of subjects. Instead, it should be very specific to one very specific subject. Unfortunately, most people will write in a pretty broad manner. For example, I could be writing about websites in general and mention Niche Websites as a sub-part of that realm. That way, chances are that no one would ever find my website when he or she searches about Creating a Niche Website for themselves. Continue reading “Your Niche Website Needs Long and Targeted Content”

What is Amazon FBA?

You Hear Them Tell You “More Money,” Didn’t You?

So you’ve heard of Amazon FBA and it sounds like you can make a lot more money that way than being an affiliate?

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Creating Your Website: Finishing Up Your WordPress Website Setup

Or the minimum set of plugins to install on a brand new WordPress Niche Website

Now… you have a brand new WordPress website installed and you’re a bit overwhelm by all the features. Many buttons, menus, options to tweak, but how.

With version 2017, I think that most of the defaults are just fine and will work for you. I will talk about the few things that I think you want to change to make your website more user friendly as far as Niche Websites go. This includes having the blog on the front page, a contact page if you’d like to offer such (many Niche Websites don’t have a contact page. There is no one to contact, really, since all purchases are made on 3rd party websites.) Continue reading “Creating Your Website: Finishing Up Your WordPress Website Setup”