How do I use YouTube to get more traffic?

Put Out Videos!

This is the simple answer to this question.

Put out video content

The more the merrier, at least from all the people I’ve seen talking about being successful on YouTube, they all have many videos.

There are some people who have a few videos and somehow got lucky as their video went viral. Now, the likelihood that such a video was useful for these people to make any money is very unlikely. Having some viral videos is great for your statistics, but you remember watching viral videos before, what do you remember about them? They were funny or about an incredible event caught on tape. Did you immediately subscribe? Do you know the name of the poster? Was it even the original poster? Yeah…

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10 Steps to Make Sure Your Website is Healthy

Here are 10 different steps to perform to verify that your website is healthy. It is a good idea to keep your websites healthy because it is a factor that Search Engines take into account to rank your website. Note that this is often referenced as SEO (Search Engine Optimization,) although this is not exactly what will get you additional hits from search engines. It’s more to do with the technical aspect of your website than the content so it is an important aspect but only because many mistakes of the sort will get you penalized. However, true optimization is when you make your content better to capture more clicks. Continue reading “10 Steps to Make Sure Your Website is Healthy”

Adding the Excerpt Delimiter with the Gutenberg Editor

The current version of the Gutenberg editor does not give us a way to add the Excerpt Delimiter directly in your post, unfortunately.

You can click the Document tab (on the right side) and scroll down to the Excerpt widget. If you like to do it that way great, but personally, I don’t want to have to re-type the beginning of my article in that little box. Plus it looks like you can’t enter but plain text (I did not test, so really I do not really know of the capabilities.)

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US Supreme Court After Sales Tax Losses From Internet Retailers

When the Internet started e-Commerce in April 1984, there was no specific legislation about Sales Tax when a sale would happen across state lines, so the existing legislation applied: No Taxes.

At first, the existing brick and mortar retailers probably did not see that as being much of a problem since they probably did not even think that Internet sales would ever go anywhere.

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6 Points on Selecting the Best Domain Name for your Affiliate Website

A photo of the Domain de Chaumont in France (by the Loire river)

As I often see people wondering what domain name they should use, I decided that I should have a complete page with various points about what is good and what not so good as far as domain names go.

In a jiffy: I have had some experience and a quick answer is: use a “dot com”, make it simple, readable or abbreviation, but in all cases, memorable is best. Continue reading “6 Points on Selecting the Best Domain Name for your Affiliate Website”

Valley SEO

Waterfall with luxurious forest and a local valley

Search Engine Optimization

On my Internet Affiliate website I speak quite a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is really important because SEO is what gives you traffic on your website and thus shows credibility and gives you more and more hits and more credibility as people start sharing your content, creating links to your content from their own website, etc. Continue reading “Valley SEO”

Can’t I be an Internet Affiliate without a website?

Lone Tree on a Hill

Well, yes. There are actually ways to do Internet Marketing without the need for an actual website. However, there are a few arguments why I would not do that before I give you some ideas floating around about this topic.

Here is why you should have your own website:

Potential Returning Readers

In most cases, having a website gives you a great chance of having returning readers. If your content is felt as being worth the read, there is no reason for someone to come once, read one of your posts from top to bottom and then just leave forever. Continue reading “Can’t I be an Internet Affiliate without a website?”

The New Google Search Console

New Google Console -- Index Coverage Section

You may have noticed that the Google Search Console gives you a link to a new version. Well! This new version is great for at least one thing: it actually tells you about your excluded pages, not only a link to them but the reason why they decided to exclude said pages from their index. This is super practical in order to be able to fix your pages quickly. Before there was no such information about why some pages would not make it and it was 100% guesswork to apply fixes. Since you did not even know which page, on a large website, there was close to no way to know what was happening. Period. Continue reading “The New Google Search Console”