Creating My Niche Website, Step by Step

Getting Started with a Niche Website

The following are my pages sorted so you can easily create your own Niche Website reading those pages one by one . It’s just too many pages in a blog for you to be able to find them easily otherwise.

How About Remaining an Internet Affiliate?

Now you have a website, there are very important things to watch out for because otherwise you may end up losing your affiliate accounts.

The following posts will tell you of things you can’t do on a website that has links to and other affiliate websites. If you do any of these things, you may end up being banned and lose your affiliate accounts.

Statistics: Keeping Track of What’s Going On

Next, you probably want to learn more about statistics. How do you track what is happening with your website? Google offers several free tools (at least until you get a very large number of websites, it is free) that are extremely useful to visualize your progress.

Search Engine Optimization

I have further reading for you if you want to work some more on your On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and additional monetization in the list below. This is important, but it is a lot of data so you probably want to read it after you created your 30 to 40 pages website. That way you won’t have to remember all the details as you type. You can go back to each page and apply these techniques as required. Actually some of those things will be applied to all your pages all at once. The few that you must have will have been mentioned in posts I reference earlier in this page.

With all of that in your hands, I think that you are going to have fantastic websites. Oh. Yes. It’s a lot of work and it won’t get done while you watch TV or drink coffee at Starbucks without typing on your laptop.

Good Luck!

Get your content going and Good Luck with your endeavors!