SEO: No Categories & Tags. Why?!

(Important Note: This is an advance topic, please make sure to get your website ready before you delve in this topic and enhance your website even further.)

If you trust me, just jump to Completely Getting Rid of the Categories & Tags on a WordPress Niche Website and follow the steps to remove your categories and tags. If you need strong proofs for why, read the whole post. There are two main points if you want to cut to the chase: Your Readers Don’t Care and How Do Categories & Tags Do in Search Engines?

What Are Categories & Tags

Whenever you work with WordPress, it offers you to:

  1. Categorize your pages
  2. Add tags to your pages

In general you would create a small number of categories. One category represents what the article as a whole talks about. For example, for this website I could have created: Continue reading “SEO: No Categories & Tags. Why?!”

Niche Websites for Sale!

One way some people are making big money is by building a viable business, such as a Niche Website, and then selling it. The following should help you understand what to look for before selling or buying a Niche Website. Once you’ve done it 2 or 3 times, you’ll have a good feel for it and know exactly what to do. If you’ve been in business for only a little bit and are not sure how to proceed, this post helps you understand the various points to look at when contemplating a Niche Website transfer.

Note that when you are a beginner, you may want to first create your own website. You may have the money to purchase an existing website, but know that you may run into various problems that you would avoid, were you to create a new Niche Website from scratch. That being said, having a website with existing traffic and good content is not a bad decision to make. Creating your own website, though, may be helpful to you as a valuable learning experience. Continue reading “Niche Websites for Sale!”

SEO: Optimize Your Niche Website Pages

One thing that Google helps you with is to optimize your website. Some of the optimizations that they ask you to do are not all good ideas, especially placing your CSS at the bottom of your page. If you do that, your page will appear broken until the CSS loads and I think that’s not a desirable effect (although if your page looked like the background only until the CSS loads, it would probably be okay.) Continue reading “SEO: Optimize Your Niche Website Pages”

SEO: Swear and Negative Words Can Hurt Your Niche Website Ranking

There are more and more reports about Google not sending as much traffic (if any) to pages that include swear words and also that are rather negative (i.e. a long rant will get you nowhere.)

Since you are building a Niche Website, you should not have to worry about such, although if you do product reviews, think about how to talk about a product that’s not so good in a non-derogatory way*. Don’t insult the manufacturer or make fun of them. Unless you’re already big and have time on your hands to create such pages, just avoid that sort of pages altogether. If you just can’t talk about a product in a positive way, don’t talk about it. Period.

* Actually, also doesn’t like derogatory reviews. If for some reasons they decide to check your website closely, they could shut down your account. For them, all products are good products. It makes sense since they want to maximize their sales. Products that are not so good won’t sell much anyway and will automatically disappear.
Continue reading “SEO: Swear and Negative Words Can Hurt Your Niche Website Ranking”

Success Requires Sacrifices

Whoever wants to build a business has to think about how that’s going to work with the other aspects of their lives. I think that to a certain extent these sacrifices apply to Niche Websites owners, at least for a while.

Have you listened to an Internet Marketer Video or Webinar? Or read one of their e-Books? Did they talk about how hard their life was when they got started? In many cases, they were poor, had to go to a sad job, or just lost their job after 10 years of working hard for that employer… And then they finally found out how to make it work for them and made a ton of money online. Some are just starting and they may not yet be that rich… But some, like Frank Kern, made it to the top, for sure. So it does happen. In case of Frank, he talks about how he lived in that small apartment and could barely feed himself. Continue reading “Success Requires Sacrifices”

8 Steps to Change Your WordPress Niche Website Domain Name

As an Internet Affiliate, you are always on the lookout (at least I think you should be) and once in a while, you will want to change your Domain Name. This can be useful if your first choice was not available when you first created your Niche Website and it becomes available later at a decent price. Especially, since at first you are going to earn peanuts (when you create your first website,) you want to look into getting a cheap dot-com and not attempt to purchase an expensive domain name (hundreds if not thousands of dollars) unless you have that kind of money to start with. Note that, as I recommend, you decided to use Bluehost, then you get the dot-com included with your hosting. No extra cost to it. But you still want to not look at a premium domain name. Also please stick to a dot-com. Other extensions are fun and all but it’s difficult to get people to go to such websites. All large websites use a dot-com at the moment. Continue reading “8 Steps to Change Your WordPress Niche Website Domain Name”