Ubersuggest, a new SEO Tool

Today (Sep 25, 2018) I got an email from one of the people I follow, a coach if you will, who just released a new tool named Ubersuggest.

I just looked into it and I think it has potential.

If you read other pages on my website, you will see that I often talk about SEO: Search Engine Optimization. In a way, I guess that name is probably incorrect for an Internet Affiliate website. However, you still want to get as many visitors to your website as possible and to get those for free, the best is to ask search engines to send you traffic, especially Google if you are targeting English speaking users. Look into Baidu for Chinese and Yandex for Russian. Most Latin languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese) use Google too.

So in effect, SEO is part of making money online. Even if you want to use advertising along the way, SEO will help you last a long time without having to continuously invest more marketing dollars in your endeavor.

So… What exactly is SEO?

As I was just saying, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is a way to get traffic to your website. For that, you need to understand how search engines work, at least the basics such as Internal Links. How most search engines really work today is probably not know by anyone since they now use artificial intelligence!

A long time ago, search engines were often referenced as being spiders. The Internet was called the World Wide Web and spiders would walk that web in search of the best food: pages with content.

In the old days, all you had to do is include a certain set of keywords and voilĂ ! You had your solution: a page that would rank number 1 in Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, and other search engines of the time. Today, search engines have evolved beyond just keywords. They learn of the content of your page as a whole using artificial intelligence. This allows search engines to not be fooled, at least not easily, into believing that a page talks about, say… Coca-Cola just because that brand name appears 1,000 times on the page (and yes, I’ve seen such in 1999 and 2000.)

Not only that, the Google search engine team wrote software to determine what text is actually visible and what text is hidden. For example, if you set the text color to the same color as the background color (so in my case, if I were to set the text color to white), the text disappears for the reader:

Do You See This Text?

You can still see the text by selecting it. That’s a simpler way than looking at the HTML source code. However, you have to imagine that search engines read that HTML and see that text and it’s not that easy to determine whether the text is actually visible to the end users. Google can do it, though.

By the way, this is called a black hat SEO technique and obviously, you do not want to ever use black hat tricks in an attempt to gain a higher ranking in search engines. This is not the only one black hat trick you will hear about.

So… now you know. Search Engine read your page content and analyze it to get a good idea of what you are talking about. They understand synonyms and many acronyms and even some slang! So now when you search, they can match your search terms with a page even though the keywords are not likely to match one to one with that page. It is becoming quite intelligent (although when you really push your search, they often catch the wrong meaning of the words you use… at least that happens quite often to me. But in comparison to even just 10 years ago, it’s incredibly more powerful.)

What are keywords?

As a result of searching using simple words or sentences, SEO experts have noticed that your website pages should use certain phrases to get found for what they are hoping to sell. Those phrases are most often named keywords, especially because in the old days these would mainly be a set of words and not sentences.

Today, as I mentioned above, search engines are intelligent enough to understand a lot of things and transform your pages with synonyms and acronyms and metaphors and other such understanding of syntax and grammar in all the commonly talked languages. As a result, the term keyword is probably somewhat out of date. That being said, Google still tends to show pages with exact matches first if available.

If your website is all about making money while working from home and someone types “working from home” as the search term in Google, they are more likely to find your website if you have those three words written just like that on your website that another which only hints about those terms.

Now, there are page keywords and website keywords. What I mean by that is that a set of keywords found on all your pages are more likely to bring you traffic than keywords only appearing on one of your pages. So if your website speaks about how to cook cakes, each page is going to mention the word “cake” and probably “cook” or “cooking”. That will be your main website keywords.

This is where help is more than welcome: finding the right and most likely to improve your hits keywords for your website. Google gives you very good hints, but those can be somewhat limited. Once you went through all the keyword hints that Google gave you, then you are probably ready to use another tool. I propose you look at Ubersuggest. It’s a free tool which allows you to enter keywords and get ideas for new keywords with the number of monthly searches to get an idea of what would work best for your own website.

For example, I tried Ubersuggest with Internet Affiliate. These two words, together, are only searched 30 times a month on average (probably a little more, but it’s pretty small.) They show a graphic for the last 12 months which looks like this:

Ubersuggest searches for Internet Affiliate in 2017-2018

As we can see, I had many more searches in May, but it settled back down since then.

However, “Make Money from Home” is searched 110,000+ a month. This may or may not be what is required, though. In some cases, you may prefer to have fewer people but much better targeted, so be careful with this. The larger number of searches is not actually what will give you more clicks because those keywords are likely going to be harder to get (i.e. you will have a lot more competition for those.) So you want both: the small number of searches and the large number too because that way search engines will better understand what you are talking about on your website.

And I think Ubersuggest is going to give you many ideas, things to add to your website, without having to think too hard about getting these ideas in the first place. I think just that is great and it will save you time.

SERP Analysis

Next Ubersuggest shows you what they call SERP Analysis.

The acronym, SERP, means Search Engine Result Page. What you get when you go to Google and see on the result pages after searching for a given set of keywords. I suppose you would not really need to have Ubersuggest to get those pages. Going to any search engine and doing that search there will give you the same results… except that Ubersuggest shows a few additional statistics such as an estimation of the number of visits of the page, the number of times the page was shared on social media, and what they call domain score.

At the time of my test, internetaffiliate.com has position 72.

SERP Results in Ubersuggest. We find that internetaffiliate.com is present and going up the ladder just as one would expect!

What can you do with those results? One aspect of your work on your website is that it could be the result of years of research or just hours. Years means that you came up with all the data on your own after doing your own research. Hours, because you used the SERP results and read about what your competitors do in that arena. Yes. Just follow those links and read up. You will probably learn a few things yourself and now you know what others are searching for and you can write about it on your own website (but remember, do NOT just copy and paste. Pure plagiarism will take you nowhere. One thing Google is really good at is see duplicates and very strongly penalize it when it finds it.)

Although the best to win a lot on a page on the Internet is to write about something that no one else writes about, or very little, or with information scattered all over the place. For example, if you were to try to isolate a room at your house, how would you do it? By searching on the Internet you may notice that it’s a complicated matter. Not so much in doing the work itself, but in finding solutions to the various problems of isolating your office. For example, you need to isolate the walls, the windows, the ventilation system. You may already have an idea of how to take care of the walls, but what about the doors and the vents? You are not unlikely to have to search many websites to resolve all of those questions. Wouldn’t it be better to gather all of that information and put it on one single page? Now when someone searches for how to isolate her office room at home or at work, they find your page and lo and behold, you have all the answers in one place. What do you think will happen? The users will come back to your page, day after day until they are done with their isolation project and therefore they will follow your affiliate links and get the necessary tools and materials that way. And finally, since it will all work for them, they are very likely to share your pages with their Facebook friends or even better talk about it on their blog and add a link back to your website.

What’s More?

As you will see on the right side, a few entries are greyed out. These are future features that Neil Patel wants to add to Ubersearch. I think that the Content Ideas will be a big one.

The Analyzer should also help nicely. We’ll see once it is available. I hope that it can help you and me in improving our page content by implementing various suggestion that the tool might have.

I’ve seen high-level Internet marketers do edits to their pages and increase their click rate by very large numbers. How do they do that? By stealth targeting their content. They learn how the page is being used and they transform the content to better serve that specific need. This then brings more people to the page and increases their overall chance of income as they have more pages with similar and useful content.

Let’s wait and see how good that part is to us once the feature is ready.

How do I get to Ubersuggest?

The tool is free.

Follow the link to Ubersuggest and enter your keywords.

Work with the results and refine your existing content, write a few new pages, enhance your website as much as possible so you gain even more traction and get more Internet Affiliate sales.

To your success!

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